CAD Design Services

What is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse engineering is essentially to take an existing product apart to see how it works for the purpose of duplication or enhancing the object.

Products sometimes start off as prototypes with many changes implemented to enhance the operation with no on-going drawing records produced for the purposes of duplication. Companies then have a wish to replicate the product thus, 3D models and 2D CAD drawings are produced to both:

• Include them within your own drawings and schemes
• Enable manufacturing facilities to cast, fabricate or machine those parts to the required dimensions and tolerances.

Reverse Engineering Services offered by Quattro Design Services

At Quattro Design Services, we will take the required complete components, disassemble (where required) and measure to determine the critical dimensions, thereafter, identify the most practical materials for manufacture if they are not already known.

Once the measurements and materials of construction have been determined, the product will be modelled in 3D and customer verified, after which, the individual components making up the assembly will be converted into 2D CAD files for the purposes of replication.

Taking the 3D CAD models, created by us in SolidWorks, we would produce fully dimensioned CAD drawings, exported into .dxf, .dwg and .pdf. Other formats are available according to the SolidWorks capabilities.

Costs are relevant to the time it takes to produce the 3D CAD model in SolidWorks against an hourly rate. However, we are aware customers require finite costs for project works and working to hourly rates is not always acceptable. Therefore, after a review of all relevant parts and after a general product discussion to understand the requirements, we would agree upon a fixed price acceptable to both parties.

How can Quattro Design assist in getting new drawings on existing products?

The existing parts usually get shipped to us. We would then extract all the data for creating new 3D CAD models. Our team is very used to measuring with Calibres, Micrometers etc.

Based on the 3D CAD models (which we would create in Solidworks) we would prduce fully dimensioned CAD drawings. Which can then be exported as PDF and/or DXF format.